Battle of the burgers

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Do you like a Big Mac or a Whopper? McDonald’s or Burger King?

Almost every year we see these two brands coming against each other, just to attract maximum customers to their restaurants. But, really! It has been over 27 years and there’s no mercy granted. They fight like cats and dogs but who are we kidding, that’s the main reason their advertisements and campaigns are hilarious.

It all started with one American Burger King television commercial, way back in 1986.

And this was just the beginning.

Burger King’s distinctive humour helped them become a unique voice within the fast food industry. For example, in 2002, a German ad showed Ronald McDonald, the famous McDonald’s mascot, secretly buying a burger at a Burger King outlet.

And you thought the first one was bad. LOL, I’m lovin’ this!

On World Peace Day, 2015, Burger King thought they should take responsibility for all the cruel things they did to McDonalds so far. They introduced the McWhopper, a unity burger combining the best of the two brands, complete with a full proposal and website.

But, McDonalds didn’t want to have it that way!

This move got Burger King a ton of goodwill, while simultaneously painting McDonalds as a hater of unity (and delicious burgers :P).

Now, Mr.Clown was really pissed. So next new years they started a #McDriveKing ad campaign in France.

But, McDonalds forgot that Burger King was the true master. BK hijacked McD’s campaign with the hashtag, #WhoIsTheKing?

Ooooooh, savage!!

After this incident, Burger King has never looked back on uncheeky-and-relevantiting with the Clown.

Burger King has made some savage moves with their sense of humor and creativity, but McDonalds is still the numero uno in all the other things: more sales, more reach, more outlets, and most importantly, the best french fries. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s all about?!

So what are you ordering for lunch today? McDonald’s or Burger King?

This is us, right now, btw!