Cheeky and relevant : How these brands made us laugh

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Today, brand experts want to create a unique language for each brand. They need their brands to reflect a certain culture that really speaks to both their target audience, and their core values. These brands set the bar high with their unique language, right from the start.

This company has over 3M subscribers, earns about $200M in sales, and has snagged over almost 7% of the U.S. shaving market. And what do they sell? Shaving equipment. How this happened, you ask? All because of one unconventional video in 2012 starring founder, Michael Dubin, proudly proclaiming that their $1 blades “are f*****g awesome.” then followed it up with ads like The Shopping Experience and Get Ready, successfully adding the fun element in a previously dull activity.


To attract a young audience, Zomato, a restaurant search and food delivery service, came out with an aggressive outdoor campaign. The campaign had some provocative and cheeky taglines that spoofed popular Bollywood songs. Some of these taglines were hilarious but it did come with a lot of hate on social media. But hey, all publicity is good publicity, right?

When an advertisement motivates you to stay in bed, of course it has to go viral. That’s the sentiment in the new’s new campaign. Since young people don’t particularly care much into bed & bath linens, this utterly relatable campaign had managed to get us millennials nodding our heads (and missing our beds). Looking forward to seeing more sleep-inducing ads from their side!