Incorporate Video Marketing in Your Digital Marketing Strategy: 5 Reasons Why

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The rise of digital marketing has led to the ever-growing need to differentiate one’s brand in whatever way possible. While video marketing is nothing new in the world of marketing itself, solidifying it into your digital marketing strategy will allow your brand to reap many rewards. With 81% of businesses using videos in their digital marketing strategies, it is imperative to not fall behind the competition. Read below to find out how you can utilize video marketing as an important tool in your digital marketing strategy.

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1. Tell Your Brand’s Story

Building a relationship with customers is paramount to the long-term success of any business. Without this, garnering customer loyalty is a steep hill to climb. Incorporating videos into your digital marketing strategy allows you to tell your brand’s story. Videos are able to elicit far more emotional responses than images or text. Further, Studies have shown that if users have a positive experience with a video, their purchase intent can increase by 97% and their brand association by 139%. Additionally, individuals are up to 27 times more likely to click on video advertisements than regular banner advertisements. Hence, videos are able to leave a long-lasting impression on consumers. This effect can be exploited in many ways, such as being persuasive and affecting buying decisions or even simply sharing information about your company’s offerings.

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2. Boost Your Conversion Rates

Once you have incorporated videos into your digital marketing strategy, it only makes sense to make the absolute most of them. Further, research has found that landing pages with videos lead to increased conversion rates of up to 80%! Hence, don’t be shy with your videos. Keep your landing page updated with the videos that have been created. This significantly higher percentage of conversions means you can more efficiently direct users once they land on your page. Whether it be sharing insight into your company or directing users to purchase products, video marketing will complement it all!

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3. Benefit Buying Decisions

Up to 71% of users are left with positive impressions after watching a video and 77% consider companies with videos more engaging than those without. As previously mentioned, videos that leave positive impressions can increase one’s purchase intent by up to 97%. In addition to this, up to 96% of consumers find videos useful when buying online. These factors make it such that 90% of customers believe videos aid their purchasing decisions. Hence, showcasing your company’s offerings through video marketing can greatly benefit the likeliness of customers to make a purchase.

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4. Go Viral

Videos tend to have an immense amount of share-ability. The capability to communicate a message through body language and visual cues increases one’s ability to relate to what is being shown. This aspect of relate-ability is what can make or break your videos. Create a relatable video that is relevant and catches on and you could receive thousands of impressions. Statistics even show that social videos can amass up to 1200% more shares than text and images combined! Thus, this boundless potential of videos is why it has become increasingly popular for brands to incorporate them into their digital marketing strategies.

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5. Improve Your Search Rankings

All of the above factors will help significantly improve your Google search rankings. Consumers will spend more time on your landing page and you will witness boosted conversion rates and video shares; Google’s algorithm takes all of this into account. Additionally research has found that pages with videos are up to 53 times more likely to be on the first page of Google search results. As a marketer, one knows this is no easy feat to achieve.

Digital marketing is a field wherein differentiating oneself and getting ahead of the competition can often be a challenge. We hope these insights into using video in your digital marketing strategy will help you realize and take advantage of this essential medium. While you’re at it, feel free to check out our blog on 5 free video editing softwares that you should know about here! And for anything else, give us a shout at!  

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