5 Tips to Boost Productivity While Working From Home

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Work from home initially seemed like a gift that could not stop giving. No more long commutes, which meant leaving behind one’s comfortable bed to step out for an arduous day of work. Work from home meant affording the luxuries of a coffee in bed and being able to wear workout pants for office meetings. However, this raised the question, how productive can one truly be when working from home? Coffee in bed is great, but then there’s the constant distractions from family, the sudden waves of procrastination, noisy neighbors, and don’t even get us started on internet problems. Given these hurdles, we’ve compiled 5 tips so you can achieve office levels of productivity, all while working from home! 

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Set a Schedule

When having to work from home, it can often become difficult to dissociate yourself from your home environment and get into a workflow. Setting and maintaining a schedule is a great way to rid yourself of this. This can be done by setting appropriate times to go to bed and wake up every morning. Further, pretend like you are actually going to the office- make that cup of coffee and get properly dressed. Additionally, assigning a dedicated workspace at home will create a clear distinction between leisure areas and work areas. Following these practices will allow you to disassociate yourself from your home environment and stay focused for long hours!

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Create Ground Rules at Home

Run-ins and chats with family members are potentially the biggest distractions when having to work from home. It is paramount to implement basic ground rules to reduce and prevent this from impacting your work productivity. These grounds rules can be as simple as setting times for when to have a meal together or always knocking on the door before entering. It can be a little strange at first, but once a routine is set, it will prevent disturbances during heavy work hours and also squash any family quarrels before they can occur.

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Maintain a Personal calendar

When you’re your own manager at home, you will often procrastinate and lose track of important deadlines. This is all the more prevalent if you’re handling several tasks at once. Use tools like Google Calendar to maintain a structure and plan your activities in advance. This will make sure you keep on top of your deadlines. Further, this will ensure you maintain a proper flow of work at home. You will recognize which/when tasks are to be done and in what order. What’s more? Having a planned calendar allows you to schedule for contingency times in case the distractions at home get overwhelming! Hence, the overlooked art of scheduling will ensure a boost in your productivity when having to work from home.

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No Social Media Distractions

On average, individuals spend 2 and a half hours on social media every day. This is because social media platforms have been designed to rope users in and keep them engaged in a never-ending vault of tailored content. This problem is further magnified when there are no colleagues to keep an eye on you. A good way of preventing this distraction is by logging out of your accounts during work hours. Try applications like Flipd, which allow you to lock chosen apps for a certain duration of time. Once done, there is no way to override this. Alternatively, for your laptop or desktop, you can download apps such as ‘SelfControl’. Both work in the exact same manner and are completely free to use! These small hurdles remove the convenience of being one tap away from your favorite platforms at any time, thus helping you stay focused during work hours!

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Take Clear and Planned Breaks

When working from home, it’s easy for home and work life to get muddled together. This often causes slumps of energy throughout the day which causes you to get easily fatigued and distracted during work hours. Several studies have outlined the hindrance of not taking adequate breaks during work. This often leads to lower overall work performance, lower work productivity, stress, and overall job burnout. To prevent this, maintain a practice of taking small breaks throughout the day to clear your mind of any work-related stresses.  Make use of these breaks to de-stress, chat with your family members, and re-energize yourself to pull through the rest of the workday. This will not only boost your productivity but will also help reduce your stress levels. 

Work from home can often be a challenge and one that requires different solutions every single day. We hope these tips will help you find your rhythm while working from home and take your drive that one step further! And while you’re working from home, why don’t you brush up on your social media marketing and content marketing knowledge? For anything else, give us a shout at hello@estoot.com!

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