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Content is king. Today, content is everywhere we look, from a song or a TV show or a GIF, we’re surrounded by content in many forms. And video content is leading the way. However, creating a good video isn’t as easy as it seems. Video production requires a strong grasp of editing, along with access to the right tools and skills. Unfortunately, most editing tools either require a high level of technical expertise to operate or are associated with large costs. Keeping this in mind, we’ve rounded up a list of 5 of the best (and mostly free) video editing softwares that can be used by beginners and pros alike. Read on!

Screenshot of desktop view of Openshot dashboard video editing software

Source: Openshot

Openshot is an easy-to-use, free open-source video editing software. The software is easily available for download on Linux, macOS, and Windows. While the software contains both professional and technical tools that encompass a wide range of applications, it’s especially suitable for beginners due to its simple interface. This allows newer editors to gradually progress into more complicated applications.

Key Features:

  • Clip resizing, trimming, and rotation.
  • Title-card templates that are entirely customizable.
  • An easy to use drag and drop system for files of any kind. 
  • Pre-loaded digital video effects that will help better any video. 
Screenshot of Lumen video editing software homepage

Source: Lumen

Lumen5 is a tool best suited to social media marketers. Using AI-powered technology, Lumen5 is able to consistently turn blog posts into social promotions, making it a very interesting tool. All one needs to do is add sentences from the blog post into the software and Lumen 5 will do the rest. However, keep in mind that this tool’s free version restricts you to editing only 3 videos a month, so it might not be suitable for someone who edits videos daily.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered technology that helps determine the length of scenes, text positions, and highlights keywords within the video 
  • The ability to personally cut, merge, and resize videos
  • A large media and font library, allowing you to add images, text, GIFs, audio, and more to your video 
Screenshot of Avidemux video editing software desktop dashboard view

Source: Avidemux

Similar to Openshoot, Avidemux is a free to use, open-source video editing software. However, the primary differentiator between both of them is that Avidemux only contains a handful of basic, but useful, video editing features. Ultimately, while this is a great introductory tool for beginners, it might not be suitable for professionals or people with high technical requirements. 

 Key Features: 

  • The ability to encode, cut, and filter video files 
  • Conversion of videos into smaller sizes 
  • Adding subtitles to videos, resizing and sharpening a video’s image, and adjusting the level of audio in any video 
Screenshot of VideoPad editing software desktop dashboard view

Source: VideoPad

VideoPad has an extremely intuitive and simplistic user interface, which is great for beginners. One unique feature is that the software contains advanced editing tools that allow you to edit 2D and 3D videos as well. However, one con is that this software’s free version is only available for non-commercial use. For professional use, you might need to purchase it.

Key Features:

  • A library of pre-made transitions and sound effects.
  • The ability to reduce the shakiness of a camera, leading to a smooth and easily digestible edit. 
  • Visual effect templates, audio tools, and the ability to record and add narrations to videos
  • Direct video upload feature, which makes popular tool among content creators 
Screenshot of iMovie free video editing software desktop dashboard view

Source: iMovie

Despite the fact that iMovie is only available on macOS operating systems, it’s generally regarded to be one of the best video editing softwares for beginners. It boasts an easy drag and drop interface, allowing users to speedily compile and edit multiple videos together. 

 Key Features: 

  • The ability to trim videos, audio editing, shuffling of videos, adding sounds, and more
  • Plus, the software comes with pre-made transitions, pictures, and text options that can be layered onto videos to make edits seem more professional 

So now that you’ve gone through our list of video editing softwares, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to test out your newfound editing skills, why not start your very own YouTube channel? It’s quick, simple, and best of all, we’ve got all the steps right here! And for anything else, give us a shout at!

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