4 Ways to Optimise Your Instagram Bio!

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Instagram is the modern millennial search engine. But this also means that it’s the first place anyone looks when checking out new brands. Did you know, it can take less as two tenths of a second for a person to form an impression of your brand online? This means that no matter the platform, brands need to ensure that they’re always putting their best foot forward online. This brings us to your Instagram bio. Now, while this may seem innocuous, understanding how to write the best Instagram bio for your brand will not only give a good first impression, it can also serve as the best call-to-action for your audience! In these 5 steps, we go over the anatomy of the perfect Instagram bio, and how you can learn to write one today!

Make Sure Your Username and Profile Name are Connected

Your username is the name that appears at the top of your bio. Your profile name, on the other hand, is what appears in the bold text under your profile picture. So your aim should be to make sure that your username and profile name are the same. Remember, this isn’t just for optics, it’s because these are the only searchable elements on Instagram, so you need to take this seriously. Even if your brand’s name is already taken, which is completely possible, try adding keywords that are relevant to your industry to the username. In the example below, Later has added ‘media’ to their username to ensure that relevant people are still able to find them on Instagram.

Screenshot of Later's Instagram bio showcasing their username and profile name

Source: Later

Don’t Overlook the Link in Bio

The biggest mistake you could make would be to ignore Instagram’s link in bio feature. Think about it- all brands have an action that they want their consumers to take, whether it’s to shop from them, call them, or simply visit their website. And this section is where Instagram helps you out. The link in bio is the only place where you can write a clickable link, so definitely make the best use of it. Now, you don’t have to restrict yourself to just writing your website link. You can keep changing it based on where you want to direct your followers. Buzzfeed does a good job of keeping this section succinct and clear. The use of the finger-pointing emoji further bolsters their CTA, which is to visit their platform.

Screenshot of Buzzfeed's Instagram bio showcasing how to write a good call to action for the link in bio

Source: Buzzfeed

Make it Easier for People to Get in Touch

Think about the fact that our attention spans are as limited as they have ever been. Add to that a bustling platform filled with brands trying to grab your attention. Keeping this in mind, your aim should be to make it as easy for your followers to get in touch with you as possible. Remove any additional steps that they might have to take to contact you. For this reason, Instagram’s clickable contact detail buttons come in very handy. Sephora, a French multinational chain of personal care and beauty products, optimises their Instagram bio perfectly. They’ve used all the options available to them to provide consumers with a multitude of calls to action. Followers can click the link in bio to start shopping, or they can tap the Message or Call options to directly get in touch with the brand. Now, that’s how you write an Instagram bio! 

Screenshot of Sephora's Instagram profile to show their updated clickable contact buttons

Source: Sephora Instagram

Include Your Branded Hashtag in the Instagram Bio

One of Instagram’s newer updates was allowing you to write a clickable hashtag within your Instagram bio. This is the perfect way to get people to interact with your brand’s unique hashtag, while also reinforcing brand recognition. You can get people to engage with your posts and increase the discoverability of your posts at the same time. One of the most well-known examples of this is Fashion Nova, an online store that’s built a cult following on social media. When you click on their hashtag #NoveBabe, you’ll see a thriving community of user-generated content around this brand. 

Screenshot of FashionNova's Instagram profile to show how to add a branded hashtag in the Instagram bio

Source: Fashion Nova Instagram

We hope these steps can help you get started on your Instagram bio! Remember, an Instagram profile is similar to your brand’s homepage. It’s very important to make sure that this is the best reflection of your brand, from the profile photo to the bio to the grid. If you want to know about some of your favourite Instagram grid designs, check out our post here! For all other questions, reach out to us at hello@estoot.com!

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