Your Guide to Making an Instagram Grid

Think of Instagram grid layouts as getting ready for a job interview. It’s your brand’s opportunity to make a good first impression, to convey to your interviewer (or audience) where you come from and what you stand for.

Instagram is a visual-only platform, and people are scrolling through at lightning speeds. Today, it also functions as a search engine and discovery platform. As a result, you’ll look up new brands on Instagram when you want more information about them. It doesn’t matter if you don’t buy from the brand immediately, an appealing Instagram feed will have you coming back every time. 

Types of Instagram Grids

Planned Instagram layouts tend to follow an inherent pattern or structure. These are created using the brand’s colours, style guides, and values. Now, while this might sound a little dramatic, it does help customers understand the brand. 

Using consistent templates create recognizable structures, which can help you plan your posts in advance. So this is where a social media designer can really have fun! As you go through this post, you’ll see our favourite Instagram grid patterns. We hope that these inspire you to get started on your grid ASAP!

Three Repeat

It’s in the name. Firstly, think of a typical Instagram grid as a 3×3 block, which consists of a total of 9 squares. Secondly, create a visual pattern for every 3 posts. In other words, lend a visual harmony to your grid. For instance, use complementary colors that align with your brand’s colors, or do what we did for our client and have fun with pop-y tones, like the one below. It’s your world, so go crazy!

Repeating order of three layout.

Source: @bettys_retro_shades

Four Repeat

Similar to three repeat. However, this style is a little more suited to lifestyle brands/ bloggers. Here, the Instagram grid follows a pattern of a set type of images in a set color palette to help create an emotion around the grid. For example, we designed a consistent grid below that starts with a product post, followed by 3 supporting pictures that speak to the brand’s ethos. By following this pattern, along with incorporating a soft and neutral color palette, we created a soothing emotion to the overall grid.  

Instagram grid showing posts in a repeating order of four.

Source: @themaintab 

Line in the Middle 

This pattern uses the power of contrast, where it uses simple text-based images in the centre row to balance the dramatic images on either side. And if you look closely, you’ll see that each row also follows a certain colour pattern. Remember, you can mix and match patterns to create something visually stunning, just like in the example below. The simplicity and minimalism of this grid makes it one that’s worth a visit.  

Instagram grid showing posts with a line in the middle.

Source: @mysimplegram

Checker Board

This checkerboard-style Instagram grid involves two or more types of contrasting posts that are used in repetition. The planned placement of each post lends a pleasing symmetry to the grid. As a result, this pattern is a good one to follow when you want to use text-based posts, but don’t want to overwhelm the grid with too much copy. However, if you’re looking to play it safe, you can even go as simple as black and white. Trust us, it’s a classic! 

Instagram grid showing posts with a checkerboard layout.

Source: @thefemalehustlers

White Borders 

This Instagram grid style with broad white borders add a touch of sophistication to the grid, giving you the same browsing experience as actually shopping in-store. Therefore, it is typically seen from higher-end designers or brands. To maintain the same feeling online, the photos are never busy i.e. have a lot going on. They’re also set against light colour backgrounds featuring minimalistic photography. If you’re a luxury brand, we really recommend this style for you. 

Instagram grid showing posts with a white border around.

Source: @lindsaylewis__

After this, don’t be surprised when you start picking up on some of these grid patterns during your next trip to Instagram. Instead, take a moment to appreciate the creativity that goes into creating something so beautiful and impactful! What are some of your favourite Instagram grid layouts? Let us know below! Or simply say hi at! We’re always happy to lend a helping hand.

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